Terms & Conditions

Think bike think Buddies: not all bikes have two wheels


These terms and conditions apply to all events run by and organised by Biker Buddies (Buddies (SCIO))


  • All participants enter this event entirely at their own risk and Biker Buddies shall not be liable for any injury or loss that might occur as a result of their participation
  • All participants understand that Biker Buddies will hold the data participants provide to keep them in updated about future events. It is the participant’s responsibility to let Biker Buddies know that they do not want their information held. Biker Buddies (Buddies(SCIO)) Data Protection Policy is available on request for those who want to know how we store your data
  • By taking part in Biker Buddies’ events all participants confirm that they are happy for and know that photographs will/may be taken and could be used for current and future advertising of events and promotions. It is the participant’s responsibility to let Biker Buddies’ staff know that you do not consent to photography or Biker Buddies’ use of their images. By agreeing to these terms and conditions of participation your tacit consent is assumed.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/carer to explain the rules of events and use of images to their children/wards or vulnerable adults in their care for the duration of any Biker Buddies’ events.
  • Parents/guardians/carers are responsible for those in their care during Biker Buddies’ events. Biker Buddies does not accept responsibility for the participants and their behaviour
  • Participants and/or their carers are responsible for their own health and their physical ability to participate in Biker Buddies’ events. Biker Buddies does not accept responsibility for any participant’s inability to take part in their events
  • All children/teenager/vulnerable adults must be accompanied by a responsible adult (at the correct number ratio to their participants) and that adult/s takes full responsibility for their person during participation of a Biker Buddies’ event
  • All participants (or those responsible for them) agree to abide by the rules of the Highway Code and follow the advice, direction and instruction of Biker Buddies staff. Any participant not adhering to the rules will be asked to leave the event
  • Biker Buddies assumes that all participants’ cycles are in good repair and suitable for use. Biker Buddies does not take responsibility for the road worthiness of participants’ cycles.
  • Participants agree that they could be refused the right to participate where Biker Buddies’ staff believe a participant’s safety or that of others may be compromised
  • Where cancellation of an event due to unforeseen circumstances arises registered participants will be informed as soon as possible. Alternative dates and events will be notified
  • All participants agree to hand over to Biker Buddies (Buddies (SCIO)) any funds raised for sponsored events

Please read the following for participation in Biker Buddies’ events:

  • I/we undertake to be bound by Biker Buddies’ terms and conditions
  • I/we understand that Biker Buddies cannot be held responsible in any way for loss or injury to participants or any third party howsoever arising
  • I /we understand I/we have a legal responsibility to ensure all sponsorship money gained and received by me/us during fundraising events will be paid to Biker Buddies (Buddies (SCIO))