Thanks to good ol’ Covid’19 it isn’t quite how we had planned!

Our shop was set up as a pre-loved baby & childrens shop with the intention that members of Buddies could have work experience in it….. we opened our doors and a few days later? LOCKDOWN!

However, it has now re-opened and remains so unless the government close non essential shops in D&G, it is being run by our coordinator for now, so that there is limited risks involved.

We cannot thank the people of Dumfries enough for their support so far, both in buying from us, and donating excellent items!

If you haven’t been in yet, why not pop along?

Tuesday – Friday

9.30am – 1.30pm

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook @OurshopDG

Coming soon…

In 2020 Buddies are adding another string to their bow!

As you may know Buddies moved last year into the most perfect premises (just across from our bike shop!) on Friars Vennel.

We have been planning how to make the best use of the new space and have came up with a  nifty little idea –  a childrens only charity shop, with a twist!

We want to treat this as nearly new & very affordable place to buy your bits and bobs for young ones –  we all know how expensive those little cherubs can be!

This new (as yet unnamed!) shop will offer work experience for adults with disabilities who would like to learn skills such as stock rotation, till use, customer services, problem solving, time management and more.

So, now that you know the basics, what do you think? Do you have anything you could donate?


Buddies Bounce in Carlisle!

On Friday 8th November 2019 we jumped on a train and headed to Carlisle.

What a day! Some of us got a taxi but the others had a short walk from the railway station in Carlisle to the Energi Trampoline park. On the way there we met a wee black dog who had alot to say! Woof!


We got into the trampoline park just in time for our 12 o’clock booking.  We sat on the benches, swapped our trainers for our fancy trampoline socks, had a quick safety brief and off we went!

We all ran in different directions, some of us spent time on the basic trampolines while others went straight for the assault course. One hour later, after lots of bouncing, climbing & playing – we were exhausted – and very sweaty!


A lovely late lunch in the pub, followed by pudding for a few of us –  our train was still about an hour away so some of us fancied a wee walk around town, off we went for a look around the shops.

We headed back to the train station –  our train was in, we hopped on the train home. Everyone was in great spirits, especially when Miss D. shared out her Jelly Babies!

We are all looking forward to our next (and final) trip of 2019 – Its Panto time, Oh yes it is!

Now to start planning trips for 2020………


This years events …

You know sometimes when someone tells you an important date and then it just disappears from all memory? Yes- me too!

So here we have a list of all this years upcoming important dates – well atleast the ones we know about so far!


So the Members have spoken and our events this year are…

Friday 17th May – Mabie Farm Park

Saturday 25th May – Biker Buddies’ event in Dock park 11- 3pm

Saturday 15th June – Guid Nychburris parade

Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th June –  Biker Buddies’ Big Bike Bonanza!

Saturday 27th July – Biker Buddies’ event in Dock park#

Friday 9th August – Beach trip

Saturday 31st August – Biker Buddies’ event in Dock park

Friday 20th September – Lochmaben

Saturday 28th September – Biker Buddies’ END OF CYCLE SEASON event in Dock park

Friday 1st November – Trampoline park

Wednesday 20th December (TBC)- Panto day out


If you are on our mailing list you will automatically receive more information about these events, if you are not on our mailing list, but would like more information, please get in touch on 01387 256312 /







two seperate Facebook pages?!

Ok so we get a fair amount of people asking if Biker Buddies’ Bike Barn has a facebook page, we had a little snippet of info on the Buddies’ main page but understand that unless you know that Buddies set up the Bike Barn, you 100% would struggle to find it.

So that brings us to today, we have set up the Bike Barns own facebook and transferred a few bits from the main one, so that it’s got some bits for anyone who fancies a gander.

Pleaseremember to give it a like, follow & share with your page(s) so that we can get the message out there that Bike Barn is online (finally) and people can contact us in the ever popular social media