Who and what are we?
Buddies is a place where members are able to make choices about what they want to do but we are very definitely NOT just a social club – we are so much more! When asked ‘What is Buddies?’ our members (names changed) said:
• Jen: Fan.tas.tic
• John: Brilliant
• Len: I learn loads
• Jane: Great
• Billy: Perfect
• Lily: Wicked
• Neil: Outstanding
• Don: Safe with nice people
• Smiler: The Best
• Wallace: Fun
• Bradley: Awesome
Buddies is a local social enterprise that supports adults with disabilities (primarily learning) and other conditions to achieve their own personal goals and outcomes. Buddies provides activities, support and learning opportunities for its members from Dumfries and the surrounding area.

Buddies was set up after listening to the views and needs of people with disabilities, parents, support workers and other agencies. It was understood that instead of providing a paternalistic service Buddies’ members would want to determine their own environment to achieve their outcomes.

Our value?
Respect the individual and their wishes.

What is our aim?
Here at Buddies we aim to support our members to live their lives as independently and autonomously as they are able to.

To achieve the aim Buddies aspires to provide its members with the choices and opportunities to help members achieve their outcomes.

How do we deliver this aim?
• By working creatively to meet the desired outcomes for our members
• By providing a quality service that meets the members’ needs
• By helping to enhance members’ skills and encouraging interaction and contribution to the local community

Why choose the Buddies’ experience?
The word ‘Buddies’ has several meanings. It was decided upon for the name of the charity by a group of adults with disabilities because they understood the word to mean ‘friends’. This same group told us they wanted a safe, permanent and friendly environment where they could be independent and make and maintain friendships.

The meaning of ‘Buddies’ to us is that we can provide a mentoring service through the appointment of quality staff and volunteers who act as ‘buddies’ to the members when attending their safe environment.

A couple of quotes from our members: our youngest, aged 17, and our oldest, aged 74.

“Buddies makes me smile”

“Buddies is an oasis for loneliness and I feel secure here”

Now you know a little about us, Buddies would love to hear from and about you – maybe you would benefit from being a member of our amazing group?!