Biker Buddies

Think bike think Buddies: not all bikes have two wheels


The aim of Biker Buddies is to promote cycle awareness and fitness for everyone through enjoyment of joint achievements and awareness of wider surroundings.

The members said:
– Biker Buddies is a great way to take Buddies (the club) out into the community
– They wanted to offer a cycle project that is informal and cost efficient to those often with financial constraints was something Buddies could contribute towards. Members liked the idea of being able to share with others so the bikes are available to other non members of Buddies and their families.
– They would like, where possible, to be able to take out bikes instead of using public transport
– They loved the idea of using the bikes to go out to parks and other council facilities
– They can get fit
– They wanted to find out more about their local area and they could do this in safety by using the increasing number of cycle paths around the town
– They looked forward to more fund raising events using the bikes. They had a great time at the last Sponsored Bike Ride

We have partnered with Cycle Dumfries for training leaders and support for our more formal rides out.




Biker Buddies’ Bike Barn is located at 17 Friars Vennel Dumfries, ramp access available from carpark at the rear.