General Information

Booked Sessions
Monday – Friday 9.30 am- 4.30 pm
Evening Social Clubs
Wicked Wednesdays 7 – 9pm
Thumping Thursdays 7 – 10pm
Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day

Cost per session: £15 (2016/7). Sessions are by the day or part thereof. The cost of sessions is members’ pro rata contribution to the running of the club. It does not reflect a cost of care: Buddies is not a care agency.
Evening Social Clubs: £3
Lunch: £3 or members can bring a packed lunch
Other costs are incidental: soft drinks 30p or 60p, crisps 30p, sweets 1p, 5p, 25p (the shop is there mainly to help with numeracy)
Teas and coffees are free to members – if they make it themselves!
Art and craft materials and cooking ingredients are free although if a high cost item was required for an activity an additional cost may be incurred.

Admittance to Buddies is through membership agreement. Membership is free and consists of the usual need to know information: name, address, medical consent, H&S requirements, photo permissions, etc. No-one can attend a session or club without being a member.
People using the Buddies’ service are referred to as ‘members’ and not ‘service users’. This is because we could not find any other term/label that did not, by implication, segregate disability from the mainstream. Whilst we run on a club style model because the members make the choices and effectively vote for those choices, Buddies should not be judged as being merely a social club – it is so much more and we hope it is valued for the work it does to achieve desired outcomes for the members.
Membership is by self-referral: referral via a third party is not required.

Booked sessions are aimed at those members who need life skills reinforcing and/or those wanting to make and maintain friendships whilst working towards further independence. Buddies’ staff will work with those members who initially need their own support staff to attend whilst they are working towards independent access. Buddies does not offer personal care.

Very few people get care packages for a whole week. Buddies has an amazing team of staff and volunteers. The staff and volunteers are police checked where permitted by CRBS and have undergone basic and higher levels of training and awareness courses. Buddies is designed for those times when you are NOT getting support hours: not instead of! Buddies could be ideal for those in receipt of a personalised SDS package.

The really boring stuff …….

More added soon, however if there is something you wish to see before then, please Contact us.